Review rules

This magazine uses a double-blind, expert review of articles, which means that identities of reviewers and authors remain hidden throughout the whole review process. This process ensures publication of a high-quality texts and eliminates the influence of reviewers and authors. The authors are required to ensure their identity is not clear from the author’s manuscript (for more details see instructions for authors).


First evaluation of the manuscript


New manuscripts are reviewed by an authorized editor for compliance with the formal requirements listed on the magazine webpage (see information for authors). The editor considers if the subject and range of the manuscript correspond to the focus of the magazine.

Manuscripts that meet these criteria are submitted for review by two independent reviewers. The choice of reviewers is determined by the editor.

The reviewer is selected by his or her professional focus and also by a sufficient personal discretion in relation to the author (the author and reviewer are not colleagues from the same workplace, there is no family relationship between them, etc.). The author of the article can suggest reviewers himself, and his recommendations may or may not be accepted.


Expert assessment


Reviewers evaluate the handwriting in terms of the adequacy and quality of the title, abstract, keywords, introduction, objectives, hypotheses, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, literature, picture attachments, tables, language level and expert text quality


Reviewer of the magazine article will:

  • recommend the manuscript for publication
  • recommend the manuscript for publication after author’s redrafting
  • recommend the manuscript for publication after author’s redrafting and re-examination procedure
  • not recommend the manuscript for publication


Reviewers are also asked to write anonymous comments to the author. These comments are also available for other manuscript reviewers. Reviewers are not expected to do the correction of the handwriting. No language proofreading is part of the expert assessment process.


Review process duration


Reviewers provide their editorial expertise within 30 days of receiving an article for review.

If these reviews contradict each other or are not delivered to the editors within 30 days, additional experts can be contacted.


Decision about article publication


The editor, in collaboration with the editor-in-chief, decides on the acceptance / rejection of the article for publication on the basis of the received reviews. This decision with the recommendations from reviewers is sent to the author. In the case, the article is accepted with recommendations for redrafting, the authors sends redrafted manuscript within two weeks. If the author refuses to take the review comments into account, the article will be rejected by the editorial staff.